Malaysian Airlines

20 Apr

This week, I traveled for the first time by Malaysian airlines to US. Their hospitality is good, but their logistics need a big change. I can quote several examples for the logistics issues. When I checked in at Hyderabad, they gave me a boarding pass to Kuala Lumpur, but said that I need to check in again at Kuala Lumpur for the onward journey to LAX. The flight itself is dealyed by about an hour, shrinking the transit time from two hours. Within that time, more than 100 passengers lined up to get new boarding passes for the transit. Our family of 3 are put up in the plane at two different places. I hat to make some adjustments by requesting the co passengers so that I can take good care of my kids during the long haul. Even their boarding procedures need to change and should be based on row numbers. Their flight from HYD to KUL has only a projection based entertainment system and it is difficult to keep kids engaged for about 4 hours.

Their hospitality is very good though. Really on par with Singapore Airlines, the best I have seen in the industry. I am very pleased with smiling faces and helping attitude of their cabin crew. At one point they are actually concerned that Spurthi and Surya didn’t consume much during the last meal of the flight. They offered a few alternatives including instant noodles. Overall, they made it a pleasant flight.


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  1. you know it\’s interesting that you brought up the instant noodles alternative. am told MAS cabin crew keep a stash of snack options for passengers in similar circumstance. a friend traveling from Phuket was offered cookies!

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