Traffic Snarls

24 Mar

The new one-ways in Ameerpet area brought the traffic to a deadlock at many circles. I was out on road between 10.30am and 1.00pm, which is supposed to be relatively low traffic time. I experienced big jams where people take a u-turn off a one way. That led to backed up jams in other circles too. People who are uninformed had to try out a few alternatives, thus increasing the traffic. Overall, the first working day after the new one-way traffic rules is not that encouraging.

One thought on “Traffic Snarls

  1. Having stayed in atleast 4 different cities not as a tourist but as residents in last 15 years it is pathetic seeing the traffic in Hyderabad. What ever said or done the happening city Hyderabad need no gimmick but practical traffic solution. Unlike most of the metro this city has invited trouble in last 6-8 years without any preperation, apeing the Metro- cities, there is hardly any traffic sergent or flying traffic squad to enforce traffic rules, hardly anyone cares for zebra crossing,there is hardly any traffic signal, there is no lane driving concept,so much so there is hardly any footpath or rhythm in traffic flow for pedestrians to cross the roads… this called the Hitech city ..huh!!

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