Talk at SVCEW

18 Mar

[ Backlog post from March 12th]

I visited Sri Vishnu Engineering College for Women on 12th March. This visit is scheduled just 24 hours before my travel and my initial idea was to talk about OpenSolaris and its features. Once the students are assembled, I came to know that about half of them attended a prior talk of mine on overview of OpenSolaris. So I had to switch to an impromptu talk and covered the following:

  • The concept of virtualization: OS virtualization using zones and network virtualization using crossbow.
  • Walk thru of Open Solaris Developer Preview 2 (Project Indiana) using live CD
  • Insight into SMF (Service Management Framework) in OpenSolaris

There are not many questions, but their response to my questions is very good. They know what is “redirection of a unix command to a pipe” and “the ports Sun’s Application Server binds to by default”. Impressive.

Here are some pictures from the day.


I left a copy of Open Solaris Developer Preview at the college for them to try out.After the discussion, I met with the Director of the college, a couple of department heads and other key people. Most of our chat is around how open source can be used in student activities and projects.

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