Telugu Audio: Sundarakanda

07 Feb

After a long time we have a Bapu film releasing and at least for folks like me, it is an eager wait for the audio album.

There are only five songs in the album and the first four songs metamorph (?) before they end. The songs turn from nostalgic to pathos (Yelo Yelo Uyyala), from conversation to a good melody (Omkaaram Vankara), from nostalgic to pathos again (Kalagantine Amma Kalagantine), from a group song to appagintala paata (Aaku Vakka). The last song (Potti Devudandi) is a very well sung teasing song, in the lines of Kottha devudandi from the movie Rajadhiraju, the 1980 Bapu film. This time though, the Satan is replaced by a politician :-).

The lyrics show some good use of words:

  • The word vankara, which is usually taken in negative sense now-a-days, gets its original positive context in the song.
  • Kalaganti nijamanti kalagantine
  • Maa… dhanaa… dhanaa…. dhudu: while apparently teasing a politician.
  • Andamaina Aadapilla Aakaram Vankara: Makes me smile everytime I hear this line.
  • Mugguru Okkaramai Muddhula Muggesinatlu: Wow!

Vidyasagar’s music is reasonably good. Choice of singers is good, except for Sadhana Sargam. Chitra would have done a better Yelo Yelo Uyyala.

In recent times, this is the only commercial movie without a duet. Just FYI.
Overall, the songs are of occasional brilliance and fit for the context of the movie. May not standout as an audio album on its own merits.
BTW, they should have taken better care while printing the CD Jacket. There are few typos (in Telugu) in the names of lyricists and singers: Veturi, Sadhana Sargam and SP Sailaja. May be Bapu and Ramana didn’t have a chance to review the CD jacket.

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