HDMI Switch

24 Jan

I read about this HDMI switch this morning. That one looks great! Back in 2000, I bought a Sony RCA-AV/S-Video manual switch for US$69.99, to route my DVD, VCR and few other devices to one single TV input. I still use that one (and a similar one) for two purposes. The first one is to route the AV signals of VCR, DVD, cable box and X-Box360 (or direct play from my digital camera) to my TV. The second one is to route the audio of my TV, DVD and VCR to my BOSE wave radio. The problem is that they are manual switches and I use them only when I switch to a movie on DVD/VCR from my cable signal, so no issues overall. But having a remote control helps, especially in gaming scenarios. I have only one HDMI device so far, so I am not yet bit by the need for a HDMI switch yet. Having such product in market makes me feel comfortable for future purchases though.

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