Reliance Power IPO

20 Jan

The numbers of Reliance Power IPO are mind blowing. The company wanted to rise about USD$3B from public. During the IPO period, applicants deposited $29B in banking system. The total subscription is $190B, which might be one of the highest IPOs ever. Wow!

That is the power of branding.

3 thoughts on “Reliance Power IPO

  1. I wonder why there are no posts on your blog post the listing.

    Small investors like me have been badly hit.

    There is reason to believe that Reliance Power IPO\’s lacklustre listing was a handiwork of vested interests, which targeted someone else but managed to harm the interests of the genuine investors.

    Instead of giving hope and solace to the worried investors, why was the key financial media \’talking down the market\’ every morning before market hours so as to ensure a depressed market sentiment right from the very beginning of every trading day during the period?

    Investors want to know why all Reliance ADAG scrips were drastically hit and hammered even though they belonged to unrelated sectoral groups. Perhaps the role of the rival company should be examined in order to see if there was any collusion between the rival group executives and tainted brokers, who are adept at market manipulation.

    The investigating agencies can definitely check whether the manipulation was done from India or abroad. Records could give an indication whether rival camp executives, brokers and international bearish market manipulators met abroad in order to rig the downfall of the market.

  2. I completely agree with Rashmi. There is a lot of speculation about this and there are so many small investors hit because some big entity (mostly elder brother Mukesh Ambani) was involved to make this listing unsuccessful.
    It is shameful that such people are still loose without any allegations and SEBI is still asleep. I\’m glad someone (who has a lot of details) has openly written about this and other frauds done by Reliance Industries all the way The names of people have been openly mentioned and authorities are still sleeping.

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