Painful travel

16 Jan

My travel to Palakol by Narsapur express on the night of 11th is painful. The reservations didn’t get confirmed and we are put on RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) means that each of us could get a seat. We managed to convert these to a couple of berths, one for kids and one for Latha. I sat through the entire 10 hour overnight journey and could get a very short nap or two. The train started late by about an hour, making us wait on a very crowded platform. The train reached the destination late by an hour and half. Moreover, we didn’t get any decent breakfast till we reached home. Overall, it is a very painful travel.

Travel back to Hyderabad on the night of 15th is not bad, except for the fact that we started back in the middle of the 3 day festival. The weather in Palakol is hot and humid, while Hyderabad greeted us with a cold morning breeze. Took me an hour or two to get adjusted in the morning.

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