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09 Jan

Disclaimer: I haven’t listened to the songs of the Kannada original, so I may miss giving the credit where it is actually due.

Lyrics for all songs of this movie are penned by Sirivennela. That sets the right expectations for you and I don’t think you would be disappointed with this album.

  • Akasaganga: This song seems to be theme song of the movie. A first rate song by Karthik. Kanubomma Villetthi Oo Navvu Visiraave, Chilakamma Gontetti Teeyanga Kasiraave. That gives you a glimpse of the poetic nature of the song.
  • Eduta Nilichindi Choodu: Another great song by Karthik. Nijam laanti ee swapnam ela patti aapaali? Kele aithe aa nijam ela thattukovali? Somehow, I get the feel of listening to Aakasame, mouna veenagaa part in Chukkala Pallakilo, the popular Chiranjeevi song in 80s.
  • Dolare: This is a Bhangra style number in the voice of Ranjith. The noisiest number of the album.
  • Ventapaduthundi Choodu: This is a pathos number by Chitra to the tune of the second song of the album. A short one at a length of 72 seconds.
  • Unnatta Lenatta: Ranjith again. His voice is very good here. This song is interlaced with some rap and is a good fast number.
  • Moothi Muduchukunnadi Muvvanti Maina: Mallikharjun at his recent best. Reminds you of SPB’s songs in 60s and 70s. At more than six minutes, this is a very long song and may test your patience. Stays in top three of the album. Uyyalake ulukochchindata odilonchi nuvu digi vellavani, Patteela aduge aligindata chettekkadam maanukunnavani. Another great one from Sirivennela.
  • Akasaganga: Pathos version of earlier song. Another one minute song.
  • Sirimalle Vaana: Surprisingly, this is the only duet of the movie and makes the album a very different one from the current day rest. The tune is taken from the Chalam’s popular song Kurisindi Vaana, Naa Gundelona, Nee Choopule Jalluga. Use of too many instruments impacts shadows the good voices of Ranjith and Chitra. This song could have been better. At least it could have started better (take out the first 16 seconds or better yet, 35 seconds.)

Music by Kamalakar. Overall, this is a very good audio album in recent times.

2 thoughts on “Vaana Audio Review

  1. Hello , I have Kannada songs. and all are very nice sang by Sonu, Udit … Nice. Most of the music is from the Original Songs. Still Telugu too Good.

  2. I somehow feel that Kamalakar could have done a better job if he was given freedm to compose for this album by himself.

    The Inspired lot , he has come up with is astonishingly stupid. The originals (Kannada) have a lilt and strong sense of expression which is lost while translating and trying to get the same effect.

    This is a good example how things can go wrong if we intend to copy/get inspired.

    Had really great hopes from Kamalakar especially after listening to the likes of Pranam…

    He has tried his level best to create something different from the original. However, the oh-so poetic translation of the lyrics and the modulation of how the charanam and pallavi work, makes this album fall flat.

    Let me give an example here.. Akasha ganga song. After listening to the charanam, one would expect a short fall in the pallavi, which would go on to a height. This, anyone with a basic music sense would understand. However, in his tryst to create something, kamalakar starts off the charanam with a higher note and unable to sustain it further, he drops it off abruptly, which dilutes the total effect created by teh charanam. The singer though tries his level best to keep it in a sustained loop.

    Better luck next time, !!

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