Movie watching patterns in 2007

01 Jan

Here are the top 10 Telugu movies of 2007 by When I browsed the list, realized that we watched only 4 of these movies in theaters so far. They are Desamuduru, Lakshyam, Chandamama and Happy Days. We also watched DVD of Dhee (we actually bought 3 DVDs of the movie for our relatives.) Awaiting DVD releases of other movies. Retrospecting 2007, here are our typical movie viewing patterns.

  • We didn’t go and watch movies of any big star of Telugu industry in theaters.
  • All our Telugu movie viewings are of youth centric and relatively low budget movies.
  • Even in Hindi, we watched movies like Chak De India, Cheeni Kum etc. in theaters. We preferred them when compared to big names like Saawaria, etc. The exception could be Om Shanti Om.
  • Even though I liked the movie, I avoided buying DVD of Chak De India, mainly due to its cost. At 399, it is not worth for a movie that is already watched by the entire family. This movie may end up like Main Hoon Naa, another movie I wanted to buy a DVD but avoided due to its high cost.
  • In Telugu also, I bought DVDs of Okkadunnadu and other movies, because of their reasonable cost. I avoided AMAV and others due to high cost at about Rs 200.
  • Lot of Hindi and Telugu movies are added to my DVD collection, thanks to low prices especially from Moser Baer and T-Series.

In a nutshell, 2007 is a year of reasonable entertainment for us than going with costly and big name movies.

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