Poolapalli directory project

31 Dec

I grew in the village Poolapalli, the place of my maternal grand parents. Every year, people in our families (all descendants of the last 5-6 generations there) meet there during Sankranthi (Andhra festival in the middle of January). It is typically a big get together of a couple of hundred people. Until few years ago, the activities during this get together are mostly for men and we extended those to family centric events in the last couple of years. This year, we have a bigger plan to make it a 3 day event for about 200-300 people, with lot of activities for families. I am also leading an evening project to collect all the names and phone numbers and make it a local directory. So far I collected the details of about 500 people and their relationship to the village is documented.

If you are a descendant of Cherukuri/Gottumukkala clan of Poolapalli, then please inform me your details. Send me your details by email.

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