7 thoughts on “Splendid Aparna Model House Pics

  1. Hello.,
    Please can you give me the pictures of inside views in the aparna villas.,

    I would like to have the images of all interior layouts and fallceilings in the bunglows.,

    Please do it as i am building my own house at alwal and would like to have some idea.,


  2. Iam facisinated with palm medows layout, I have visited several times and suggested my daughter to buy one villa in it, she has seen it and impressed upon and decides to buy one. and lookforward to see the process to complete. I have my impressions and doubt the same maintenance will prevail even after all villas are sold ?

    1. Yes, I suppose so. I have seen several active participants in the villa owners mailing threads (yes, we have a mail group for villa owners). Owners are from different walks of life and are seasoned enough to take good things forward, according to my impressions so far. The owners association takes over the maintenance later this year. Hope things would continue to be with the same standards.

    2. When googling Splendid aparna, I run into Satish gari blog and one of the comments were xomd one is looking to buy a villa in Palm Meadows. We have a completed brand new villa ready for immediate occupation- east face, 840 sq yards with 4,555 built area for sale. Please feel free to contact me at – leela09@gmail.com for further details. Thanks

    3. Reddy garu – I saw your comments to Raju gari blog online. If you are looking to buy a villa in Palm Meadows – We have our brand new villa #32 available for sale in Palm Meadows. It is a move in ready – East face, 840 sq yards – 4,555 built up area. If interested for further details – please send email – leela09@gmail.com. thanks/leela raju.

  3. Hello

    Please let me know the price and also if there is any transfer fees involved when buying directly from the owner instead of builder.
    As you mentioned it is a move in ready condition, I’m assuming that the kitchen wood work is all done, is that correct?

    Thanks & Regards

    Dhananjay Ramineni

    1. Dhananjay,
      The Villas are ready to hand off, that means you need to get the wood work done. Earlier, they had sale options where people can directly move in, but I don’t think they pre-built it that way. You need to order and they will make it move-in ready.
      If you directly buy from a owner who already took the possession, there is no transfer fee, to my knowledge. But if you are asking for a transfer of ownership from someone who didn’t fully pay for the villa, there is fee involved. It was about 5L at the peak of the market.

      Hope this helps…

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