Kompally visit today

29 Dec

Once the planned movie is canceled, we headed to Kompally village for lunch. Rohit, my brother’s son, joined us along with Sekar’s family. We went to Magna food court on Kompally highway, which is close to RK’s place. RK’s family accompanied us for lunch. Once we had lunch, all of us (except RK) went to Splendid Aparna’s model house. This time I took my camera to shoot some pics, but I ran out of batteries very soon. I managed to cover all the rooms. I may upload the pictures later in the weekend.

We went to RK’s place in the evening and kids spent some time playing there. We headed home by 6.45pm and reached home by 7.30pm for dinner.

2 thoughts on “Kompally visit today

  1. Frankly I was not too impressed by the villas at Palm Meadows. The premium spec villas are beautiful no doubt, but for the standard specs you basically get a pretty “ordinary” home with no landscaping, water fountain not even cupboards! All this for nearly Rs 2 Crore! You kidding me!

  2. Well, on one hand, you are right. The standard specs mean you get just the bare bone house. It costs a lot to make it a home. Interestingly, that is the trend now-a-days.

    Let me give some numbers here. People who spent about 1.2 to 1.3 crores (that is the price last year for the bare bone version) for this villa are still ready to pay 60 to 70 lakhs to get the interiors done, that means more than 50% of the house cost. That is huge by any standards.

    There is another way of looking at it. The premium specs cost somewhere between 2.5 to 3 crores as per the price list. Is it really worth that money? Different people have different preferences. Some people are willing to spend about 1.25 crores for an apartment in Lanco and some others are willing to spend about 3 crores for a spacious individual villa.

    Overall, the prices of any premium builders in Hyderabad are skyrocketing. That is not a great sign.

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