High Calorie Sunday

05 Nov

This Sunday is too heavy on my stomach. I had my usual breakfast and then accompanied Ravi and family to Sekhar’s place for Breakfast. Sangeetha made very good stuffed parathas, noodles and fruit salad. I didn’t have much space for multiple servings of parathas and noodles, but got a couple of servings of fruit salad.

The entire family went for lunch at GVV’s place. Needless to say, the lunch has items of chicken, prawns and, kheema (minced lamb) and lamb, among other things. The biriyani is nice too. Another heavy meal and then we had ice creams and fruit salad. Reetu brought a small pup and all the kids are very excited to play with it. Here are the pics from the lunch visit.


Ravi’s cousins visited us in the evening to see him off and we spent an hour or two before our dinner with chicken biriyani, prawns fry, lamb curry and crabs curry. The dinner was taken late at about 9.30pm and we headed to airport immediately after that. Ravi’s check in took time but is smooth and painless. It is past midnight by the time I am back home to end a high calorie Sunday.

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