Milind’s Birthday Party

03 Nov

We have a get together planned on Friday night by PSN and Rani on the occasion of Milind’s Birthday. We went there late because we had Chanti and Padma (visiting from NJ) as guests at home till 6.00pm. Once we reached there, other families also started arriving. By 07.30pm, the kids are in a mood to cut the cake.


Ravi had an early dinner and went out for other appointments. I had to get a flat tire fixed for the Maruti-800 and then had to be a bystander for the Men’s card games for most of the time. I did play the last 30 minutes though. Kids and Women kept themselves busy in other rooms.My dinner was late and heavy, with Prawns biriyani, Mutton (lamb) curry, Chicken fry and few other veggie items. Top off with Thums Up, Ice cream, Gulab Jamun, Cake and Hyderabadi Sweet Paan. With that heavy dinner, it was time to settle in a comfortable chair and tease someone. 🙂 And the victims of the day are Sekhar and Sangeetha. All of us started making fun of them until close to midnight. It was past midnight by the time we reached home and settled for a sleep.

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