Laptop dual boot issues

03 Nov

Well, this is the biggest frustration in many days. I spent the whole Thursday installing and reinstalling OpenSolaris and Vista on my laptop. First I tried making it dual boot, but somehow the OpenSolaris install DVD (build 72) kept on having problems during the disk partition phase. So installed build 65 using the entire hard disk. Then restored Vista using backup DVDs. This time, both GParted (v 0.3.4-9) and OpenSolaris build 72 had no problems resizing the partitions and installing on the second primary partition, respectively. That process took the entire day on Thursday and about 8 hours during the following night. Even then, there are issues with GUI login (it doesn’t show the login screen and during later boots just resorts to CLI login.) Since I have a Unix Programming class on Friday morning, stopped experimenting further with the laptop and used the Vista partition with OpenOffice presentations for my class.

I am yet to reboot my laptop and troubleshoot the UI login issue. That would be a good homework for the weekend.

4 thoughts on “Laptop dual boot issues

  1. hello sir ,
    i have tried many times to install open solaris ver 10 on my laptop(dell XPS M1530) but after booting from the live cd LCD display becomes unreadable and only some type of texture appear.
    my laptop configuration is:

    processor: intel centrino 2.0 GHz
    250 GB SATA II HDD
    4 GB RAM

  2. Please check the graphics card. Most nVidia cards shouldn’t have any issue. I have personally seen issues with ATI cards.

    Also, what is the build number of the live CD you are installing? I am presuming that it is Belenix.

    Let us see we would need a much later version of the live CD. Which location are you in?

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