Zoo on Sunday

29 Oct

Kids wanted to visit the Hyderabad zoo on Sunday. Now that we have four kids to get ready in the morning, we started late by 8.30 in the first car and the second car arrived much later. Our first visit was to Monkey and Tiger/Lion areas, followed by a short snacks break. Then we visited the alligator area, snake park and nocturnal animal park. We took lunch at about 1.00pm and then we went to Tiger/Lion safari and the mini train ride. There are only two elephants spotted in the park, so we didn’t spend much time to visit that area. We drove thru the place a couple of times and then visited the Bears area. The butterfly park is closed this evening, so that was a slight disappointment for kids. With less exhibits, the aquarium is another disappointment.


Kids stayed fine during the trip and they enjoyed most of the day. We took a huge supply of snacks and juices, which helped a lot on a sunny day. Nikhil slept while coming back and Spurthi also went early to bed after we returned home. Once reached home, I quickly transfered the pics to the

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