Rohan’s Birthday Party

26 Oct

Our family and Ravi/Sunitha’s family went to Rohan’s birthday party last night. As usual, we are the first few to arrive and I started taking pictures. Once all the kids arrived, Padma engaged them in some team games. Kids are on very high spirits for the entire session. Sanjana especially is in a very good mood, volunteering to be photographed. See the album here.


Once the cake is cut, kids are busy once again dancing to some popular audio tracks. One of the kids is in a very great mood to dance for more than 30 minutes.The gents at the gathering included me, Ravi, Ramki, Raju, RK, Sekhar, Srinu and Gopi Chinnanna. In fact, Gopi chinnanna could take considerable time off to be there for some time. We had an early dinner and headed back home. Nikhil cut his lower lip just before we left, while falling on face on the wooden deck. He is doing fine after we reached home.

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