A different evening

18 Oct

Wednesday is quite different from many days in my last 20 years. For starters, I typed a resume. :-). I am going to write about it later. Post lunch, I headed to meet some of my school mates. I started with a few of my 6th to 10th grade schoolmates and then met few other folks from our village (that live in Hyderabad now.) All these dozen plus people are in construction business and none of them know anything about information technology industry.
The first few hours are spent in visiting the construction sites and taking a look at their business models, pain points, inventory flows, sales pitches and so on. Issues like blasting the hindering boulders, insufficient inventories of bricks and planning sewers. One common outcome with IT industry though: the architects and builders (read product bosses) got wiser as they delivered more ventures (read software products). In fact, I felt that the brick and mortar industry folks learn more from every venture than thier IT counterparts.

With booming real estate business, even small builders (people who are constructing few tens of thousands of square feet) are delegating or outsourcing (they do not use such formal words) some of their work items. Like centering the slabs and flattening the land. A healthy sign that helps distribute the profits and focus the expertise.

Men from our village are good cooks and they takeover the kitchen, especially when the gathering is at a (temporary) bachelor’s place. A dozen of us gathered at Varma’s place in the evening. Srinu (aka Tinku) cooked very tasty chicken biriyani. We watched cricket during our dinner and headed home after 9.30pm.

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