Parent-Teacher meet

13 Oct

This Friday is the day of parent-teacher meet at kids’ school. Latha couldn’t adjust her work hours, so I took kids to their school. Surya is very happy to secure good marks in all papers except Hindi, where he secured a B grade. He still stood second in Hindi in the entire class. Even with other papers, his marginal stay between A or A+ is proportional to the toughness of the question paper. He did very well overall and his behavior is also well talked about by his teacher.

Spurthi slipped to A in a couple of papers (Science and Maths) due to lack of concentration while answering the papers, but she did very well too. Both of them did surprisingly well in Telugu. Her entire class is praised by their teacher for the good behavior and helping nature.

So overall, Spurthi and Surya did well in their last term exams. They need to improve their concentration a bit.

Just a side note on their Telugu language skills: Both of them are having a conversation (in Telugu) last week during their TV time

Surya: Repu exam ki naaku ashta kashtaalu thelusa?

Spurthi: Naakaithe migatha exams annitiki ashta kashtaalu!

Couldn’t stop laughing at their usage of the phrase “Ashta Kashtaalu”.

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