McDonalds an Adult Brand?

07 Oct

McDonalds may be seen as a children’s brand worldwide, but not so in India. I read some interesting statistics in a financial newspaper earlier this week. Only 18 percent of revenues for McDonalds in India are contributed to by kids. Rest of them come from other age groups, especially the teenagers and youth.
Our family went for a pre-movie dinner at McDonalds on Saturday. My kids still prefer to eat those Happy Meals and I try out anything from pizza puffs to grilled sandwiches. During our dinner, took a casual look at the rest of the patrons and their age groups. Especially at about 6.00pm or so, there are only 4 families in the restaurant with kids of age group about 12 or less. Most of the tables are taken by college kids and young professionals below 25 years of age. Noticed a couple of tables with only 50+ age group too.

No wonder McDonalds India rolls out more youth centric products than children centric ones. For example, there are only very few Happy Meals choices, but there are a good amount of choices that are in the Rs 20 price range and are of mixed variety: e.g. Vegetarian Pizza Puff.

One thought on “McDonalds an Adult Brand?

  1. Its coz kids aren’t brand conscious.
    Teenagers thinks its cool, sporting american brands.
    I was like that too!
    I wudn’t wear anythin but Levi’s, Adidas, Nike.
    Though I love south Indian food I felt like I was cool if I ate a pizza or a burger in Hyd.
    We wud boast off them in Bhimavaram.

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