Installation Update

30 Sep

Installed OpenSolaris build-72 on my new system. A 100GB partition is used for this. Installation is very smooth. No issues with network cards, graphics, etc. Also works fine with my 19″ LCD monitor. I haven’t installed any build after Build65 in the past, but the new build 72 is much smoother than any of the previous releases. BTW, used BlastWave to install xine.

Tried installing CentOS 5.0 on one of the linux partitions, but somehow that one doesn’t go through. The installation itself is not as smooth as the latest OpenSolaris build. It goes till the phase it creates partitions within the primary linux partition, but keeps failing at few stages. It says it doesn’t have enough space to keep packages and then reports another unrecoverable error. I may give it one more try later in the week.

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