Changing Face of Kacheguda Railway Station

17 Jul

I board my train to Bangalore at Kacheguda Railway station. Once I enter to the station, there is a small refreshment stall to the right and a convenience store and a book store to the left. My routine is to pickup a snack and browse the book store for interesting titles and magazines, before boarding the train.

Yesterday, both the convenience store and the book store are gone from their place. The walls are demolished in that area to make room for a bigger entrance to the station. I walked further on the deserted first platform to find that the book store is now moved to the other end of the platform, much away from the active zone. They are still building the shelves of the store, so it takes a few days for them to be fully operational. Now that the book store is much away from the entrance, I am going to miss those casual walks to the store.

Once the planned changes are done, the station is sure going to look much better.