Weekend Movie and Audio

16 Jul

Latha and me watched the movie Lakshyam during the weekend. It is a good pass time movie. The characters are well etched and there is no over-acted melodrama in the movie. Except for the feeling that there are lot of action sequences in the second half, the movie flows smoothly. After watching the movie, the audio album is more enjoyable.

I bought theĀ  audio album of the movie Sankar Dada Zindabad. Listened to 3 tracks so far and they are typical Sankar dada type, likely to be hit with Chiranjeevi fans. The biggest let down is the price of the CD, which is Rs. 66 for a combo CD pack (the second cd is so useless that you throw it right away into trash can.) All these big actors talk a lot about preventing piracy, but don’t control the pricing of their own products. With a typical price of Rs. 40 for a Telugu audio CD, the pricing of this album is mere exploiting. That may encourage more people to pirate the content. Hope these people realize that point.