Temple visit this morning

17 Feb

This morning, visited Chilukuru Balaji temple. Spurthi and Surya went for a sleepover at PSN/Rani’s place last night. So Latha and myself started at about 4.45am and reached temple by 5.30am. Latha wanted to complete her 108 pradakshinas (barefoot rounds around the temple.) She did complete 25 of them during her last visit and now she wanted to do the rest of them. I just tagged along with her. It took us about  1 hour 40 minutes to complete those 83 pradakshinas, along with darshan of the idol. There is a bit of a rush because of this being Saturday, but it is manageable. We started back at about 8.00am and stopped on the way for breakfast. Masala Dosa and Onion Dosa are good at this place called Athidhi restaurant, about 3 km from the temple.

The drive was peaceful and pleasant, thanks to the unusual mist that covered Hyderabad city this morning.