High Activity Day

17 Feb

The day started with a Temple Visit, but the activity didn’t stop there. On the way back, we visited PSN/Rani’s place and picked up kids. Once home, we watched cricket for a while. Once kids are ready, we went to Hyderabad Central for some shopping. Managed to get birthday dress for Surya. We also picked up some garments for Spurthi, Nidhi and myself.

For last week or so, kids have been planning for a meal at McDonalds. Milind and Sreya joined us for lunch at McDonalds, giving a short break to PSN and Rani. We came back home from there, to watch the last few overs of Cricket match between India and Sri Lanka.

Spurthi and Sreya composed a short song (lyrics, tune and dance) and entertained us and visitors at home, during tea time. Padma came by with kids that evening. After cricket match and tea, we all headed to Eat Street for the evening. Lavanya, Vaishu, Babu Chinnanna and Baby pinni (who are visiting from Bhimavaram) reached there much earlier. Srinu, Lavanya, Sanjana and Gopi Chinnanna joined too. It finally became a very big gathering.

Kids spent lot of time at the activity pods. Spurthi tried the Bungee Hop activity first, which inspired Surya too. Both of them also tried the Mechanized Bull Fight, amongst other things.
Dinner was an a-la-carte of Chineese and Burgers. Kids managed to eat reasonably well because of good company. Chocolate coated cakes and ice creams are gulped as desserts. The gathering came to a size of 17 people but food orders are very well managed because we limited choices to Chineese and Burgers.

By the time we came back home, we are very tired of the day full of activities. I had a short visit to Gopi Chinnanna’s house to lend a DVD to Rohan. Back home, I started blogging about this day which is already 19 hours full of fast paced activity.