Happy New Year!

01 Jan

Quite a few of us gathered at Padma’s place for the new year party. Only four families (Padma, Sekhar, PSN/Rani and us) stayed there till the dawn of the new year, rest of them heading for fulfilling their other commitments.

Our party started at about 5.00pm. The starters included Mirchi Bajji, few chicken items and other stuff. Dinner is potluck. I managed to taste only the Chicken Biriyani and Chicken Curry. Spent good amount of time listening to music, watching kids dance to some songs and playing cards. When we started playing cards, kids resorted to DVD of Krrish.

All Kids
The celebrations included cutting the cake (actually, its the apricot pudding made by Vani, but kids don’t mind calling it a cake) and opening non-alcoholic Champagne.
Cake etc.
Those kids who managed to stay awake cut the cake with eagerness and almost finished it off.
Honors of opening the Champagne bottle is given to the mothers in the gathering. The bottle is intentionally stirred, not shaken, to protect the furniture of the host. 🙂 Here they are.
Here is me and Latha, a little sober and enjoying (to be honest, most of the folks didn’t like the taste of it) this non-alcoholic Champagne.
We Two
While heading to the parking lot, we lit some fire crackers. Here are some evidences of it, in the form of those traditional Indian “Snakes”.
Thats how our new year has started.Happy New Year and Best Wishes to you and your family.