When EX- is just a tag

04 Dec

Here is a news bit that Scott McNealy, Ex-CEO of Sun, is traveling around the globe to meet customers. That means, he is selling Sun harder than ever and he is “having more fun than ever” (quote from the article) selling Sun.

This is a great thing about Sun. Once you start loving Sun, you would never stop loving it. The person may be Ex-something, but the person doesn’t mind being in the shoes of the Ex-self and do the actual leg work associated with that role. I have a tag of Ex-Build Master at Sun, but I keep doing that job very often, just because I love that role at Sun! Similarly, I know several ex-employees of Sun, who feel that they still are part of Sun community and love being tagged so.

For starters, you can see the community blog site of Sun. More on this topic later…

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