Review: Hathway Digital Cable TV

23 Nov

Last Sunday one of my cousins came to my place and felt that my cable TV signal quality is substandard when compared to the set-top-box based offerings in the market. Today, I went to my cable TV operator in the apartment complex and asked about the plans they have. He talked about the Hathway Digital Cable TV service. For about USD50.00, I can buy a set-top-box and continue to pay what I am paying today (about 5 USD per month) for more than 130 channels. Got the equipment installed for evaluation today.

The quality is amazing. Except for 2-3 channels that have poor transmission quality, most of the channels have a near-dvd quality reception. The set-top-box has very good features. Took me about 10 minutes to explore the features. Here are some features I liked:

  • The key channels used by my in-laws are programmed to the 20 favorite channel list. At their age, they shouldn’t need to learn how to operate multi-button functions of this remote.
  • Impressed by the reminders facility.
  • For the first time in India, I have the choice of selecting audio language.
  • The menus are very intuitive and easy to access for most of the key functions. Like one-button operation for favorite channels, selecting the audio language, program guide etc.

I am either not very pleased or yet to know more about the following.

  • A couple of channels are transmitting video that looks broken in digital reception (the same channel works okay, with lower quality, in the regular reception.)
  • There are 4-5 FM audio channels, but not the most popular of the lot.

Overall, I think I am impressed by the service. I need to iron out a couple of pricing related issues and may signup for the service at the end of the two day evaluation period.

5 thoughts on “Review: Hathway Digital Cable TV

  1. Hi raju , how are i just wanted to ask wheather australian network channel is avaliable on this hathway digital cable ?because theses is the on;y channel which is showing at these moment,it will be a great favour if you responde to these question .

  2. hi

    can u tell me how do i set my favorite channels on hathway through
    hathway remote
    though i managed to set the fav channels but the same is not getting
    which button saves the list

    also is it 20 or 10 fav list which can b saved
    the set top i got has only 10
    plz help

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