07 Nov

Last week, Reliance opened its Fresh Produce retail store chain called RelianceFresh in Hyderabad. There is a store within half-a-mile from my place. On Sunday, me and Latha wanted to try out the store. Since its just the 3rd day after opening, the store is full of crowd. It took us a very long time at the cash counter (close to 40 minutes.) The prices are low and the quality of most items is very good. This is a good store to shop at in future, because thir produce coverage is much more than other chain stores like Spencers or FoodWorld.

One thought on “RelianceFresh

  1. dear sir…….
    even i have heard about reliance fresh and even visited the retail shops in different cities… hyd’bad, aham’bad……
    so i liked it very much…….their service their quality and quantity products……….
    dear sir if u could help to convey my message to reliance fresh….that if they could open their branch in our city[town] KHAMGAO……..dist.BHULDANA state MAHARASHTRA……

    do reply pn my request,
    any other information u require for the same city……
    do write to me……

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