Sold my car in Bangalore

10 Oct

I own a 1999 model Maruti 800 (non-AC) in Bangalore. I bought it in 2002 and it served me faithfully during my late night (as late as 3.00am) and early morning trips (as early as 5.00am) to work. However, its daytime purpose vaned a bit in the last few months: not enough parking if I reach work after 10.00am. Also, it has become tougher to drive a non-AC vehicle in Bangalore now-a-days. With this outset, I was planning to dispose off this vehicle for the last few months. Yesterday, I took it to a used car place where I met a prospective customer. Today I finalized the deal with the buyer, having the car dealer as the middleman. There are a few loose ends to tie tomorrow, but I managed to sell this without any hassle.

The total cost of ownership (including fuel and repairs) turned out to be less than 2000/- a month if I average out it across the last 5.5 years. That is about $50 a month. Good value for money!

Now I can enjoy the local taxis and autos I guess :-).

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