Reached home fine

22 Sep

Reached home fine from the US Trip. Started reading False Impression during my transit in HongKong and completed it during transit in Singapore. Flight from Singapore to Hyderabad is more comfortable than the other legs of the journey, except that the non vegetarian choices of food are limited.

Immigration at Hyderabad is done very fast, but have to wait for about 45 minutes for my checked in baggage to arrive. Hired a taxi to get home, because it appears the cheapest way given the high parking rates at airport. It is past midnight by the time I arrived home. Spurthi is past asleep but Surya waited till I unpacked my luggage. My luggage arrived safe and fine. Looks like they opened one of the checked-in baggages in USA and the security department left a small note in the bag confirming that. There is no apparent loss of any items.

Checked a few urgent emails and attended a work related call before I crashed to get a few hours of sleep.

Checking my mails and cleaning up some of the junk mail piled up during the visit. Now time to manage the jet lag again, second time within two weeks.