In transit at HongKong

21 Sep

Started early from work (on Wednesday, the 19th) and went to Perfumania to buy a perfume for my father-in-law. Met with Satish Chiluvuri after a long time and saw (actually sat in it for a few minutes) my first ever car, the black 1996 Toyota Camry V6 XLE. He is maintaining it very well.

Went to Srihari’s place for dinner and then headed to the airport early. The internet check-in couldn’t give me an aisle seat, but the person at the checkin counter could get me one. Now that I am checked in 3.5 hours ahead of my flight, started typing some blog entries. Will upload them once I get to an internet connection. Be prepared for a burst.

[ Now I am in HongKong airport for my transit and uploading some of the blogs and photos ]