Sun going Greener!

07 Aug

This week, I spotted new posters in corridors at work. Recommending green is the way to go. Tips from the poster are not just limited to workplace:

  • Turn off lights, monitors, systems, etc. when not in use and during weekends
  • Use public transportation, carpooling, bike (bicycle) and walk to work whenever possible
  • Reduce amount of printing
  • Use washable coffee mugs, water bottles, etc.

So the eco-responsibility of Sun doesn’t stop at delivering CoolThreads based servers. (BTW, look at this related news item.) I personally like this internal campaign.

Well, what do I do to help the cause?

  • My primary car (when driving alone) is a fuel efficient, non-AC Maruti-800. While in Hyderabad, I use a two wheeler for shorter distances.
  • When in Hyderabad, I use public transportation as much as I can. Especially MMTS train service.
  • When I use my car, I plan my travel during times when traffic is low.
  • During my travel between Bangalore and Hyderabad, I use public (mass) transportation at least for 50% of the distance (to/from train station) and use an auto (even though I can get someone to drop me off at the station) for the rest of the travels.
  • I stopped using my 21″ CRT monitor at home and recently bought a 19″ LCD monitor.
  • I listen to radio on my cell phone than on my BOSE wave radio, especially if I am the only one listening to it.
  • I use washable cups, bottles and cutlery.

Even with all this, there is a lot of scope to improve. It is a very encouraging fact that my employer is fully behind these kind of responsible efforts.