Solaris Installation at S. R. K. R.

28 May

Had to make a trip to Bhimavaram unexpectedly. Took Thursday and Friday off and traveled to Bhimavaram. On Thursday, spent about 3 hours at S.R.K.R. working with lab staff. They are reinstalling their labs during this holiday season since there is no course/lab work in progress at this time. Since I traveled in a hurry, just grabbed the latest Nevada build I have on a DVD, build 61.

This college has been using Solaris 10 update 2, but this time they wanted to try out Nevada. Did a install session on one of the boxes and the lab staff followed the steps. The installation was smooth and the graphics card and other things worked just fine.

I was requested to help them again on Saturday, because there are some issues due to IP address conflicts. Lab staff tried the install on one more system as a trial run. The boot process went to some loop because of some network issues. I disabled network service and restarted that with preset configurations and everything seems to work fine now.

I asked the lab staff to try it out on few moreĀ  systems. Also noticed that having a separate /usr partition troubles the debugging process (when booting from a live CD like Belenix) because /bin is linked to ./usr/bin. Requested lab team to try using a bigger / partition and yank out the /usr partition. I need to observe the results.

Overall, about 6 hours of install and debugging sessions during this trip.