Obituary: G Pullareddy

10 May

During my childhood, whenever someone goes to Hyderabad, my grandfather used to ask for only one thing: “Bring some pullareddy sweets for us.” In our coastal village located about 400km from Hyderabad, the name of Pullareddy Sweets is so common as a household name for quality and taste. I put quality before taste purposefully and I am sure the taste itself is a good enough distinguishing factor.

G. Pullareddy, founder of Pullareddy Sweets (Pullareddy Ghee Sweets to be specific) passed away yesterday. He left a legacy of quality sweet making from this town of Karnool and created a brand that is popular amongst Andhra people across the globe. He is a great believer in quality, expressed in simple layman’s terms:

Taste the sweets before you sell them, if you don’t like them, don’t sell. Procure raw materials directly from vendors and don’t compromise on the quality of raw materials like ghee. Eat what your workers eat.

Drawing parallels, this is how we develop Solaris operating system: we use it before we productize it (this blog is being typed on a Solaris Nevada internal build.) We procure our code from great minds in the industry, in the past from people working for Sun and now from opensource community.
Pullareddy is also a social activist and has been contributing to the cause of community since 1970.

May his soul rest in peace.