Relinquishing Unused Domains

10 Apr

Collectively, our family members own a dozen domain names. These domains are originally ordered for multiple reasons:

  • to make a web presence for the family,
  • to possibly host some non-profit activities,
  • to host the personal business activities that don’t conflict with current employers,
  • to incubate some work related initiatives

and so on.

We registered some of these domains way back in late 1990s, at a cost of at least 35 USD per domain per year.

We never bothered to review the need for these domains. For the last few years, domain renewal is so cheap (8.5 USD per annum, with no other obligations) and we kept on renewing some of these domains.

Early this year, I realized that the total number of domains we have increased to more than 10, due to the surge in incubating work related activities. The collective hosting and renewal costs are high. So I decided to review the need for each domain carefully. As of now, one of the domains we owned for about 6-8 years is about to go. We have no plans to renew them.

Also, we may put the other domains to some use or other, rather than keeping them idle. Currently, I use only the site extensively and two other sites to host some opensource related links.