SEED Mentor Wish List

06 Apr

I need to turn in 15 potential mentor names for the SEED program by COB Monday. This is a lot of work. Choosing 15 people from great talent pool we have at Sun is not an easy task. I spent effectively 2+ days of work (16+ work hours) so far on this during this week alone. Another 8+ hours of work went in in the last month or so.

While researching potential mentor names and what I want to accomplish during my SEED term, I could see a lot of alignment between what I want to do and what the potential mentors can help me with. I also realize that all these 15 people don’t have one single common topic in which they can help me with. So I need to customize my goals based on who I am going to get as my Mentor.

As of now, I have clarity on what each potential mentor can help me with. I typed up some of these details already. Another 4-5 hours of work is pending for the weekend. I am targeting the list to be complete by Sunday night my time. Thanks to a holiday at Sun today, I could complete most of the work ahead of time. Just type up the rest of the details and send it across!