India Team’s Bad Performance in Cricket World Cup

Well, India team’s bad performance in their latest match against Sri Lanka is not at all a surprising one. The team that has more stars than players is likely to end up with these kind of results. Am I feeling bad about India? Yes. Am I feeling bad about the India Team? No. Except for Dravid and the determined tail-enders, no one deserves a applaud for trying their best. Shewag might have scored good amount of runs and might have looked determined to score, but he never looked determined to stay. Rest of the frontline batsmen never showed an intention to stay and take the game as it comes. Nothing much to say about the fielding, except for a great catch by Dhoni. Bowling? The intentions are never put to work. All in all, this is the team that deserves a loss on the day.

With this, hope there will be some good things on the horizon. We will stop following the stars and start recognizing the players.

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By Raju Alluri

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