MMTS Train Fiasco

06 Feb

Starting late January, the MMTS train timings in Hyderabad urban area chaged. I have been using MMTS public transport to reach Kacheguda station (starting point for my Bangalore train) from my place (closer to Begumpet local station.) I used to board local train at 5.39pm and reach Kacheguda well within time for 7.05pm departure of Bangalore train. Now, I need to board a 6.15pm local train, which is too close to the departure time of the Bangalore train. There is no other MMTS transport from Begumpet after 4.40pm. That means I can no longer take this public transport for catching the Bangalore train.

I personally hate taking my own car (I have a driver too) or take an auto rikshaw on heavily crowded Hyderabad roads, but now that seems to be the only alternative.

The Railway officials probably miscalculated the timings while changing the timetable.