Exhibition on Jan 20th

04 Feb

Parents arrived from Poolapalli on Jan 20th. Took them and kids to the Hyderabad Annual Exhibition. Since I was not driving at that time, took the driver along. Finding a parking place was tough, because the Gandhi Bhavan was full of political activity and no parking was available in that building.

Spurthi spent first hour or so around jewelry stores. Then we went around the clothing section. I liked one of the shirts a lot, but the logo on the shirt is irregular, so had to give up that. Surya was searching around for Power Rangers toys and we found one that he liked.

Parents got the first feel of the “Exhibition Chat” and liked Pav Bhaji and Chole Bathura. They are stunned by the prices though ;-).

The government booths on specific areas are very good. Kids liked the stall from Department of Mining

and the one from Tourism Department.

Very late by the time we reached home, but an enjoyable evening though.