First Look at Mercurial

24 Jan

Wanted to play with Mercurial a bit. Have a Sparc Desktop that runs with Solaris 10, so wanted to use it for this. When I checked the home page of Mercurial, the binary packages of Solaris-Sparc are downloadable from BlastWave. This particular Desktop was not setup to work with pkg-get earlier, so I followed the instructions here to set it up. Once setup, with a simple command:

pkg-get -i mercurial

I could get Mercurial and all the dependencies downloaded and installed in less than 15 minutes. Simple and smooth!

Once installed, I religiously started following the tutorial for Mercurial. During Step 2 (TutorialClone) I stumbled a bit. I am behind a firewall and need to use a proxy to get to the external repository on A quick read of the hgrc manpage suggested that I need to have a temporary hgrc file with right configuration.

I initially started with a ~/.hgrc file. Here is a snippet of the file:


host = mycache.india:8080
no = jamesbond007,jamesbond007.india

The configuration is very simple. I added the last line because I wanted to serve a repository off jamesbond007 and didin’t want that traffic to flow thru a proxy.

Once I created the clone, I moved the contents of ~/.hgrc file to /MYREPOSITORY_DIR/.hg/hgrc file so that these configurations are localized to that particular repository.

Cool and Simple start!