Shoulder dislocation

19 Jan

Yesterday my right shoulder is dislocated. I was down with cold for a couple of days and fatigue from last night’s late meetings made me drowsy. I took a nap in front of the TV in the living room, using my right hand as a pillow. A sudden burst of sneezes¬† moved the body and hand in different directions and led to the dislocation.

No one was at home and kids are expected back in another 40 minutes. I tried to set the shoulder joint back to the socket, but couldn’t succeed. Putting on clothes looked like a big feat :-). Finally managed to wear jeans and walked to the casualty ward of nearest Maitri Hospital, about half a mile away.

An orthopedist was in casualty luckily. He didn’t believe that it is a dislocation, because I haven’t expressed the right amount of pain in my face ;-). A quick x-ray confirmed it and they set it right after giving me an IV to relax my muscles.

With my right hand closely  tied to my torso with a sling and a belt, my movements are very limited. But I am doing fine now.