Jhummandi Naadam Audio

30 Jun

Bought audio CD of Jhummandi Naadam last week. This album occupied the commute listening spot (actually, shared the space with Subhapradam) for the last many days. Almost every song in this album brings a smile on my face – smile resulting from the thought of popular local dish, Khichdi. Not really the dictionary meaning of Khichdi, but the pop culture variant of it – a mishmash. This album is a hodge-podge of earlier albums of K. Raghavendra Rao, Keeravani and Mohanbabu. Gets a grain or lentil from albums like Major Chandrakanth, Allari Mogudu, Allari Premikudu, Alludugaru, Pelli Sandadi, etc.

Naturally, the album bloats to 9 songs and offers a wide range: patriotic to mass; folk to rap; decent to masala. As with any Keeravani album, almost all songs are rewindable and hummable. This album is definitely worth buying. After a long time, S. P. Balu feasts the ears. However, his songs in the other album Subhapradam are of higher grade. More on that album later.

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