Sankranti Gathering – Food

20 Jan

The gathering is relatively small (compared to last year) during this Sankranti Festival in our village. The term small is a relative one here, and it refers to about 300 people during most meals of the 3 day festival. Pictures linked here are taken on the first day of the festival during breakfast.


To give you a hint on the scale, about 35kgs (75+lbs) of chicken is cut every day for evening snacks. This is on top of about 150 boiled/fried eggs and other food items. We consumed about 300kgs of meat during those 3 days.To save myself from the side effects of the spicy food, I consumed about 4 cones, 4 bowls (3 scoops each) and 3 cups of ice cream during those 3 days.  Stopped counting the sweets and fruits I ate.

Met lot of people and spent good amount of time in various activities. In the backdrop of the photos, you can see the temporary tents erected to accommodate  activities for the large gathering.

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