Diwali Night

02 Nov

This Diwali evening and night was a remarkable one. GVV (Venkatesh Varma) made very nice arrangements for all our relatives at the farmhouse. About 10 families, with about 15 kids, gathered there that evening. We went there early by 3.00pm. I was a little down with step throat and cold, but could manage lot of activity there. Gave a couple of hours of “Acclimatization” session for kids. They are asked to light crackers in turns, with me showing them how to light different kinds of crackers with different kinds of ignition mechanisms. Within two hours, most of them became experts in lighting fireworks and came out of their inertia. Then their respective parents had a tough time containing them through out the next few hours.

There is ample space and good amount of provisions (food, softdrinks, fireworks, etc.) which made the evening flow very smoothly. All the kids are exhausted by 9.30pm or so and headed home happy.

After about 100 photos later, I had to head home for rest of the week’s proceedings. The hectic week delayed the upload of the pics:


One of the finest and memorable Diwalis we had in recent times ended up with a safe note.

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