Vacating the Bangalore House

17 Dec

The home owner in Bangalore wanted us to vacate the house because his relatives need to occupy it. So I spent last week in Bangalore, vacating the premises and sending the luggage to Hyderabad. Having sold my Bangalore car already, the logistics are a little difficult to manage, but I think overall the process went very smooth. Had to shop around for shipping alternatives, so that the move is cost effective. The cheaper carriers don’t carry odd sized luggage like mattresses and the ones who carry odd sized luggage are very costly, but pickup luggage from home. I segregated my goods into multiple boxes depending on size, weight, fragility, etc. and took different options to ship each type. I shipped most boxes through Kesineni Cargo, who piggyback the shipments on their passenger buses. Hence they prove to be very cost effective (Rupees 200, about 5 USD per 20kg box.) The mattresses, tables and chairs are sent through one of the local movers. I carried my telescope and TV on train. Overall, the shipping costs turned out to be about 100 USD.
During this trip to Bangalore, I never touched a computer, forget about network/mail/web access. Rather, my hands are busy and dirty with packing tape, cardboard boxes, packing ropes and what not. I junked and/or gave away lot of items that don’t make sense to ship either due to cost or usage related reasons.

So, after a long span of 6 years of shuttling between Hyderabad and Bangalore, I don’t have a house in Bangalore anymore. Back home.

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