How to get rid of the jet lag sooner

20 Sep

[ Yet another delayed post from the logs ]

The best way to get rid of jet lag is to engage with some personal activities and keep yourself busy.

This trip, I planned my journey such that I have an extra weekend day in bay area before I head to work. I arrived on Sep 08th by the afternoon flight from Singapore. The flight is delayed a bit and the formalities (immigration, customs, rental car) took considerable time. I am out of the airport only at about 3.00pm.

I have my stay booked at Homewood Suites in Newark. Stopped by at work on my way to check any urgent mails and to see if there are any things to take care of over the weekend. Also, grabbed a tracfone and refill card so that I have a cell phone during the trip. I don’t have a lot of minutes on that, but it helps me stay in touch if there are any urgent calls while I move from office to office with no fixed work/hotel phone number.

Checkin at Homewood is smooth and I got a nice room in the non-smoking area. Dumped my luggage in the room and took a nice long shower. Then headed to Sunnyvale to meet with JRR and other folks. (Sorry, the names are too cryptic here and unless you know them before, you don’t get a good picture of what I am talking about. In India, most of us used to get referred by our initials or nicknames.) The evening is scheduled to be at VSR’s place. I could meet a bunch of people here over dinner, viz JRR, VSR, Srikanth, Sitaramudu, Jyothi (Suri is in San Diego) and their families.

The toughest part is to get used to the daylight. By the time I realized, it is almost 9.30pm. Then I called Srihari and headed to his place. Spent some time with their family and reahed my hotel a little after 11.00pm.

Sunday morning was a little lazy. Just stayed in bed till 8.00am and then called BNN. Had a heavy breakfast and headed to BNN’s place. Nithin and Nitya have grown up a lot. Amazed by the clarity in thoughts of Nitin when I saw his prizewinning short essay on war. For his age, he did an amazing job.

Went to Santa Clara from there and met with BRJ, Santhi and Rohan. Rohan is a little unwell for the last few days, but gave a good company. He used Max, his buddy toy dog, to reflect his wish list.

From there, I headed to Srihari’s place for lunch. Post-luch, we went to Costco and I could buy some groceries for the stay. Once back from there, I went to Varma’s place and met with Hari’s family, Ramkrishna’s family and Narayan over there. Its like some sort of festive day at their place, with several visitors within a short amount of time. Had an early dinner there and left for the hotel.

That took care of any potential jet lag and I am simply doing fine with the timezone change. Internet connectivity in hotel is just okay, so that I can check my mails etc. and get ready for the weekend.