Launching the new way of talking to investors

About a decade ago, getting the financial results of a company amounted to waking up the next morning and reading it in a newspaper. Or glue to the TV and listen to financial news. For the last decade, we watched the financial results from the PR news on the web and/or on financial websites like Yahoo! Finance or Yesterday, Sun has taken it to the next level. Deliver content to interested listeners through content syndication means. Its like you getting a phone call when someone releases their financial results, as opposed to you calling them (frequently 🙂 ) and figuring out the results. Actually, it is less annoying than getting a phone call in the middle of a meeting. It is more like getting a quiet text message (aka SMS) and you being able to read it at your convenience.
In India this morning, I visited my google reader, rather than visiting my usual financial site, to know more about my company’s results. And its all there, whatever I wanted to know, in a friendly content aggregation tool that supports vi style navigation: press j and k keys to go up and down :-).  I haven’t (yet) subscribed to any newswires from financial sites, so I will read the opinion of the analysts at leisure. But I have the main content with me.

I love this incremental change in delivering news to investors. As Jonathan says here, this is a fairer way of sharing news. RSS feeds are delivered 10 minutes before the news is delivered in a traditional way to financial companies. So if you are in a hurry to know, YOU get it first!

Is it very innovative? IMO, it is just a better (fairer) way of sharing news. Just that. It is just a n-th generation evolution from stone tablets age (thanks again Jonathan for that wonderful post!).

So, here are Sun’s feeds, if you are interested!

By Raju Alluri

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