Vista woes

30 May

When I first read this article about Vista woes, it looked closer to a joke. However, last two days tell me that this article is an understatement.

I got a new Sony laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium preinstalled. In the past, I used to nuke Windows installs and used to install Solaris on PCs and laptops, but this time I just wanted to try dual boot. So I started to boot up the machine with Windows. It perpetually rebooted saying I need to reboot to complete Installation. After few trys through out the day and after talking to Sony’s tech support, I got to know the steps I need to follow. During the boot process, I need to press F10 and get to a recover phase.

The recovery phase took much longer than what a new install would take. On top of that, the recovery is from the disk partition and no media (DVD) is supplied by the vendor. Stupid! I need to look around for a couple of blank DVDs to burn my recovery CDs.

Resizing the Vista partition from 140+GB to 45GB took more than 2 hours, using GParted. However, GParted did a very good job. After the repartitioning, booting Vista didn’t encounter much problems. I just needed to run another short recovery phase.

Most surprisingly, using my old 512MB memory stick is a pain than a pleasure on Vista. Finally got it working by ignoring all suggestions.

The number of popups you encounter on Vista are more than what you see on stupid marketing sites e.g. porn sites. Enough said.