Just Bake: The new bakery in the block

10 May

I really liked the cake ordered for Aakash (Vijay’s son) for his birthday in March. The chocolate wafers in the cake are really delicious. Yesterday, I had to pickup a cake for my in-laws’ wedding anniversary and wanted to try out this new baker.

It turned out that this baker is new in the area, just about half a mile from my house. This place is called Just Bake, located on the community hall street of S. R. Nagar.

I visited them and really liked the appearance of the cream filled cakes. Chose the chocolate cream one that looks like this:

In the past, I liked Bakers Inn, but going there from my place during traffic hours is no longer practical. The taste of this cake is lot better. It is expensive (USD6.5 for a 2.2lb cake) but worth every paisa.Their phone number is 6613 7238. They have another branch in Kukatpally.Saved some cake for today and enjoyed the four servings in two days ;-).